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Time Clock Basic is a reliable, secure cloud and web based time clock system for any size business. It was designed for business owners, bookkeepers and payroll professionals to track employee's time, absence, paid time off accruals, scheduled shifts, jobs and shift note. FREE PLAN is available with unlimited managers and employees supported for all features except for reports. Restrict your employees only punch in from certain networks, certain devices or GPS zones. Web camera supported to avoid pal punch in.

Time and Attendance Software - Employee Time Clock System

Employee time tracking via office phone, smart phone & desktop computer.

Feature set for any size business

Simple enough

Simple enough for everyone. No training is needed. It is the easiest way to track your employees' time.

Life is easy to employees

Employees only need few mouse clicks each day, clock in and out, start break or lunch.

GPS, Google Map, Device ID and IP

Use Google Map to set GPS zones. With other Clock Locations like Device ID, IP address, you can avoid employee to clock in from home.

Track jobs and tasks

Employee can clock in for jobs and tasks. You will know what they are working on, the cost of jobs and tasks.

Paid time off and accruals

Employees can request time off. Admin and manager can manage it and see pait time off accruals.

Shifts and schedules

You can create shift and schedule for each employee. The system will help to track who is late and leaving early.

Manage your employees'
time in seconds.

Designed for business owners, bookkeepers, and payroll professionals from small shops in the street to big businesses cross multi timezones.
Manage your employees' time in real time from anywhere with smart phone and desktop computer.

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Permanent free plan available

We only charge for printing and data exporting in very low pricing. Other than these, you can use our system for free permanently.

No long term contracts

You can start with free plan. And upgrade to use paid plan features any time you want. Downgrade to free plan is also very easy.

Free support 5x24 hours a week

Reach out to us if you need assistance with our platform. We'll be happy to help with configuration or app issues. Phone call, live chat and tickets.
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